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Where did the name Waverley name come from? Could the architect have been an avid reader?

Waverley is an 1814 historical novel by Sir Walter Scott. Initially published anonymously in 1814 as Scott's first venture into prose fiction, Waverley is often regarded as the first historical novel. It became so popular that Scott's later novels were advertised as being "by the author of Waverley". His series of works on similar themes written during the same period have become collectively known as the "Waverley Novels".


In 1859 Sir George Elliot M.P purchased land on the West Cliff of Whitby from the railway entrepreneur George Hudson who at the time was incarcerated in York Prison due to debt.  On March 3rd 1899 the deeds discuss a Covenant on the property made between Sir George Elliot, The Right Honourable Thomas Baron Brassey KCB, Henry Pott, Arthur Alexander Macnab, Charles Edward Hunter, John Ingledew Hopper, Joseph Charles Parkinson and James Willis. This Covenant stated that the building would not be used as a Public House for the brewing of excisable liquor.


After Sir George’s death his son George William Elliot became the 3rd Baronet and took over the estate. He died in 1895 aged 21years. He left a son (4th Baronet) Sir Charles Elliot who sold the land which the Waverley was to be built on. The title of Baronet was distinguished in 1911 when Sir Charles passed away.


In 1938 a Mr and Mrs J. Saville were the proprietors. Could they have been related to the now infamous Scarborough celebrity Jimmy?


Doris Brown (left), owner of the Waverley Guest House from 1955 – 1965. Pictured with her mother Mabel Wood who cooked the breakfasts and evening meals and her husband Jack who helped out in the summer but who ‘s full time job was managing a bank in Whitby.


On the right is a photograph of Mable Wood’s second daughter Olive. This photograph was taken outside the Waverley in 1962. In 2012 Olive who was 93 years old  recalled how the Marquis of Granby had property near to Whitby and had sent his chauffeur with the Rolls Royce to the garage on the Crescent where Olive and Doris had befriended him. On occasions he would pick the two ladies up and drive them around Whitby making them feel like royalty. Later they were invited to a sale at the Marquis house and purchased a quantity of bed linen which carried the Marquis monogram. It gave them great pleasure to reveal their fine quality bedding to all their guests with the embroidered monograms.


By 1966 Mrs Storrs was the proprietor


Mrs Storrs was followed by Frances Lynch who ran  the Waverley Hotel as a licensed property until 1973. She sold the property on the 25th of February 1975 to John Patrick and Elizabeth Lennon formally of Middlesex  .


In 1980 Adrienne and Ian Leach became the new proprietors and stayed for 26 years.


Julie and Stephen Ward purchased the Waverley on 5th April 2006.


Tania and David Brown became the latest owners of the Waverley on 25th April 2012.

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